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The first release from Cecilia James features personal songs she wrote between the ages of 15 and 20. These tracks capture the emotional journey from adolescence to young adulthood.


The EP's title, "Different Ground," represents not just new beginnings, but also new perspectives, people, and paths. James performs the seven tracks with a subdued yet intense passion that highlights the vulnerability of her material. These songs are close to her heart, as they reflect the struggles of growing up, pursuing artistic passions, and navigating life's changes.


The music on "Different Ground" has a delightful hazy quality, mixing confessional guitar jams with warm, jangly beach-pop that conjures images of California's coastline. The slow-burning beach-grunge of "Pretty In Your Eyes" combines spoken word and winding melodies to express feelings of longing and desire. The stripped-back renditions of "Headrush" and "Malibu" also capture a mellow, summery vibe. James' delicate vocal cadence is particularly effective on the moving "My Name Is To Call," where her voice fluctuates alongside the song's chord progressions to enhance the emotional narrative.


The EP's closing track and title song, "Different Ground," suggests that personal differences can lead to painful endings, but also to immense personal growth. "Different Ground" is a project that reflects the experiences of youth and the growth that comes with it. Cecilia James proves herself to be a talented songwriter with a captivating edge.

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