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 Just released, third single from my upcoming title track

“Different Ground”, EP which is due out July 30, and  watch for

 video release early August. 




JUL 17, 2021


Cecilia James returns again with the third single from her upcoming EP of the same name “Different Ground”, which is due out July 30. Once again Cecilia’s voice is majestic and angelic, as sultry as it is divine, and it shines on this track incredibly well as the melody is dynamic, catchy yet still brooding, allowing room for Cecilia’s vocal range to wander and explore. And then as you’re vibing to the chill sounds and beautiful vocals, drums unexpectedly come in around the 1:30 mark, just when you were thinking the song would not have any percussion, and the drums sound nice and big and give the song an intensity that mirrors the extended longing explored in the lyrical content.


The mix is incredibly well done as well, as everything is super clear, there is great instrumentation, but none of which ever overshadows or interferes with Cecilia’s vocals (and rightfully so), but there is a bass volume swell toward the end which gives the track a nice big sounding culmination, which works really well. The song begins quiet and slowly builds toward that end, much like the emotive element of the song which declares “our hearts beat now on different ground” is a theme that inevitably must meet an end. 


FOLLOWING THE RELEASE OF HER DEBUT EP DIFFERENT GROUND THIS SUMMER - Santa Barbara-based musician Cecilia James has created a grungy, black and white music video for the title track. This is her first video since the EP’s release, although there are music videos for the tracks “My Name Is To Call” and “Pretty In Your Eyes” as well, which came out earlier this year.

“Different Ground” is a unique expression of what it means to feel far away from a person. Written about heartbreak, the song has changed in meaning through the years, and the music video adds a powerful visual element to an already emotionally impactful song. It brings a sense of completion to the musical project as a whole, with rich vocals, intense imagery, and thoughtful writing about relationships tied together into something wonderful.

LUNA: When did you write “Different Ground”? How has its meaning shifted since you wrote it?

JAMES: The song dates back to 2016; that’s the earliest voice memo I have found. It sat around in the ether of my phone for a few years until I revisited it in 2018. The song started after one relationship ended (what I had considered my first heartbreak) and it seemed to resonate even more, as I was experiencing yet another even bigger heartbreak years later. The meaning certainly shifted, especially because this song was in the works for a few years and not just written in one sitting. I wrote it in the midst of a young and kind of naive heartbreak; it was supposed to be a sad love song. Now that it’s been so long and I have grown up a lot, I see it as an anthem for reflecting on the loss of a deep love and accepting that change. 

LUNA: What inspired you to choose to make “Different Ground”' the title and last track of your EP?

JAMES: “Different Ground” was the most powerful song on the track list. The other songs were very dreamy and nostalgic, but this song just felt very sure of itself. It felt like a good way to proclaim that despite being kind of lost in memories of past loves, I was going to move forward. I see the song as the resolution to all the other songs’ themes, and therefore a fitting title for the overall project. 


Cecilia James - "Different Ground" - (Official Music Video)

Cecilia James - "Different Ground" - (Official Music Video)

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